“Now we own you!!”. Uh how does that work? Was this review helpful to you? But replied. (Or was that what the knife thrower intended?) “Bart! Marge takes Maggie to a concert of every baby's hero Roofi. “That wasn’t me! “Eh, most of them younguns were my younguns.” said Cleatus as hundreds of Spuckler babies ran out of the house and around the muddy lawn. “Don’t worry, he’ll get bored with his new friend and find a new one!” said Homer. Some babies were dancing naked! After Lindsay Naegle forms an anti-children group, Marge fights back with a group led with Mr. Burns' power. He acted like Larry from the Three Stooges. In retaliation Lindsey Naegle and others fed up with children take away child related things like kids menus, Toys R Us etc. Nobody must know my secret. Outside a shop Marge was trying to get signatures for her petition. Suddenly they ran out of the car screaming to school. Every cheered and started an angry riot with pitchforks and torches. He stormed off and got in a helicopter. We wouldn’t have had these kids if we knew we would have to pay for them! I call these people out of state! And your bumper stickers are misspelt Yes No 242! Some babies were sharing a pacifier and getting high... XD! “Not cinnamon.” said Bart. “Grrrrr! “Lunar Locket!”. Most recent. Marge growled fiercely as the bus left without the kids. Lindsey was having dinner with Sideshow Mel at an Italian restaurant. Cleatus didn’t seem to mind the damage. Oscar sighed and unpaused Lisa by pressing play on the remote. Looking good! “If I would ever leave you, it wouldn’t be in summer!” Ralph sung beautifully. “I’m tired of picking up the bill for other people’s kids! All my purse is full of is disposable income...” said Lindsey showing off loads of money in her purse. “Wise Guy Eh?”. The town had a meeting but to Marge’s annoyance barred children from the meeting. “Aw! “D’oh! Suddenly there was a loud baby babbling and everyone gasped as the Baby face in the sun appeared! It was still playing. Aggggggghhh! Of course Marge is against this proposition, so she forms her own group to prevent a yes on proposition 242. The Simpsons is an animated sitcom aired on December 17, 1989 - present. That was four, yes four kids Roofi! “Well now you’re not...” Lisa smirked. Babies just know to only like good wholesome and cute stuff!” said Marge. A hehehehe!” said Dr Hibbert. “Homer what are we gonna do?! And I kept my dignity! Cute! Grid View List View. “People! As she smirked evilly and turned red. “This is Kent Brockman at Cleatus’s farm. Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays is the eighth episode of the fifteenth season of The Simpsons. Now we need to cover the repair of that machine as well!” Quimby yelled as it rained money and everyone joyfully collected the money. Bart did not want to be picked up as he could here Roofi playing as Marge pulled up. Springfield becomes less child-friendly in this episode that clearly is trying to do something a bit different, and yet it never really pays off.A shame, because this had potential. Aghhhhhh! “It’s as if a music promoter acted unscrupulously!”. It involves subliminal messages and Rudy Guliani.” said Homer taking out a picture of Rudy Guliani. "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons fifteenth season. “Very well. We want no on 232! “Bart!” Oscar whined. “Coooooool! “I was Young once, boys!” Marge explained in Pig Latin. A statue of Itchy and Scratchy was pulled down like the Stalin statue. I locked the keys in the car...” Bart interrupted. I missed it...” said Bart. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This made kids cry. Much to her family’s chagrin. “No.” said Bart rudely and shutting the bus doors on her. “I’m Marge Simpson and evening I’m against Families Come First! The demonic business man roared and breathed fire as he returned to hell. Because of the terrible weather and the fact there have been way too many concert cards sold, the concert ends in a riot.