Misconception #1: Aquatic Therapy is Only Beneficial for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation Hear from Veronica Paquette as she discusses this myth and some great examples of how she uses aquatic therapy for more than just lower extremities. Annie questions what they're fighting to hold on to. Sarah wants a baby, but Lauren isn't ready to … He is the President and Executive Director of Squared Away Youth (A nonprofit Cooperation in Minnesota) and Vice President at NASAP: North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. 2020 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. Watch the full episode online. Join me in this episode as I introduce the “Tea Chemist” Joi DeFrantz. DeSean is furious and Orna presses Elaine to face her past. If you would like to schedule Dr. Kimberly to speak at your event please fill out the following form: https://www.drkimberlym.com/book-dr-kimberly/ Dr. McCray will be joining Dr. Kimberly on October 24 at 10 am. Evelyn and Alan make an excruciating decision about their marriage. Money Problems. Verification of Indiana Licensure: https://mylicense.in.gov/EVerification/Search.aspx. February 27th: Kristin Tenuta, LMFT Brain Spotting We hope you enjoyed our first episode! Adult Content, Adult Language. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ For years I went just for unsweetened green tea, and not even because I needed a caffeine boost, but because I … Sarah wants a baby, but Lauren isn't ready to be a mom because she just became a woman. Kendra Wilcox is a nurse, facilitator, and activist working in Indianapolis. We are getting alot of new eyes on the podcast and I want their first episode to not sound how it did. Current Episode (aired 7 Dec. 2010) Adele: Week Seven Blaming Adele for his recent setbacks with patients, Paul contemplates the future of his therapy and his practice. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms of our Video Services Policy. Pinterest. Register and join Dr. Kimberly https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYlcu2ppjwtHtWgCPTUrQZ0b_EuFmHOuFoJ  Tea and therapy podcast and community events are donation-based events. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly discusses the basics of Adlerian Psychology while Joi provides insights on the various types of teas. A: Advocating for relaxation as an additional tool for self care. Donations are suggested to assist with the continuation of these events. Web Therapy is a brilliant example of this-Lisa Kudrow plays Fiona Wallace, an incredibly insensitive and impatient therapist who believes that 50 minute sessions are over-indulgent, so starts up a web cam therapy business. The conversation on grief and loss will continue on September 26 with Dr. Kimberly's ongoing fourth Saturday sessions of Tea and Therapy. The online workshop of Tea and therapy is presented at 10 am (EST) via Zoom. https://pivotandthrive.app.virtualsummits.com/ Sips of tea #2. Alan finally opens up and Evelyn is shocked. Episode 1 Angel Card Reading. Sarah wants Lauren to initiate sex. Now that Bam is sober, he's starting to realize the torment he's put his parents through, ... Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn. 1-2 Feb 23, 2018 Four Gen X nerds re-examine the things they were made fun of for liking during their formative years—from a time when geek culture wasn't quite so celebrated as today. for a Tea and Therapy fourth Saturday presentation. Wedding Therapy Podcast 60 Episodes Follow Share. https://www.onepeloton.com/  - 90 day free trial for the app (no equipment needed for classes)  Apologies for the volume difficulties. Ashlyn  Doutfitt, LMFT: https://midwestbehavioralhealth.com/provider/ashlyn-douthitt-lmft/ 2021: So many more things to come  Advance registration for the event is required. Are there topics you'd like to hear on Tea and Therapy? She is also joined by Joi who discusses the connection between tea and yoga. Watch Couples Therapy season 1 episode 1 Online Couples Therapy Begins : From the producers of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew," "Couples Therapy" is the first reality show to examine firsthand the real life experiences of a group of buzzed-about couples. Those events added to the spark of century-old conversations and possible solutions regarding racial distress. https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-small-business-teas-me-cafe-indy?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet. Now is the perfect time to respond to friends you’ve been too busy to reach out to, take some time to yourself, and really build virtual and small in person community. Annie and Mau revisit a traumatic birthday. For more information on Chanelle Lawson visit: https://www.offerahandup.com/   Tea and Therapy: Race as a social construct: How black do you like your coffee? HydroWorx Bursting Bubbles: Challenging Misconceptions About Aquatic Therapy Episode 1. https://www.esquinatangoaustin.com/ - On-line dance and language classes  Stream SHOWTIME series, movies, documentaries, sports and much more all on your favorite devices. Looking for guidance on talking to your children about Race, join Dr. Kimberly for a book discussion of "Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? E: Empowerment through greater ease and relaxation in the body. Third and final Trailer episode of Tea and Therapy. Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2019. She organizes with Indy SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) to mobilize white people to dismantle White Supremacy in accountability with, Indy10 Black Lives Matter, IUYA, and the American Indian Movement Chapter of Indiana and Kentucky. The official launch remains on track for January 2020. Thoughts on social distancing. During this speech, Dr. King urged Social scientists to "tell it like it" in regards to issues related to Civil Rights movements and challenges in society. Sips of Tea! Until now, we’ve only seen Sheila criticizing Kat. Event Transparency. Domestic Violence Awareness Summitt Four Gen X nerds re-examine the things they were made fun of for liking during their formative years—from a time when geek culture wasn't quite so celebrated as today. Step Therapy. and other conversations on race" on September 5th, 2020  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtc-ytpz0uHdKVK9BhP12JXJe-2Nt6i5Yc. If you're interested in overall well-being, join in for a listen with a cup of tea. https://fb.me/e/1Dd51OESQ, Tea and Therapy: Reconnecting with Dr. Kimberly and Joi, Thank you for joining in this episode of Tea and Therapy. On-line schedule: This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions. This podcast will begin airing January 2020. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Closed Captioning | Mobile User Agreement, California Privacy/Info We Collect | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The events that follow will change their life forever--and possibly for the better. 2. I look forward to speaking with you soon. You all are invited to attend and be part of this conversation. With Orna Guralnik, Virginia Goldner. GM Consulting is a consulting-based entity whose mission is to provide human services guidance and direction in support of alignment of organizational missions with client advocacy needs. Couples Therapy © Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. A recent fight between Lauren and Sarah reveals underlying power dynamics. My First IV Therapy Experience: Episode 1. Lauren and Sarah make a pivotal decision about the future. October 2019: Trailer episode of podcast released This docu-series unlocks a hidden world: other people's relationships. Three months into therapy, Evelyn and Alan make a painful decision about their marriage. Remember to visit the website of your local library for additional resources. Panelists: Jeffery Burgin, Mayor's Neighborhood Advocate.,  Joi DeFrantz, Moderator and General Manager of Tea's Me Cafe., Kandace Kyere, MSW/LSW School Social Worker, and Charlie M. Reed (she/her) Owner + Creative Director of Haven yoga studio. These mothers candidly share their personal experiences and offer insight into parenting children who range in age from 3-30. Elaine and DeSean feel a shift. Blood is thicker than water - but the harsh … Conversations around … Orna walks a tightrope. T: Teaching Progressive Muscle Relaxation  Lauren and Sarah are devastated, and Sarah can't shake the feeling she's being punished. Tea and Therapy provides information related to mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness. Elaine has a breakthrough while DeSean discovers his role in their struggle. January 2019: Full podcast episode released  Originally Written by Sonni Abotta. Directed by Eli B. Despres, Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg. Welcome to the trailer introduction for Dr. Kimberly: Tea and Therapy. Utilize this as a time of self reflection and reconnecting with community in creative ways. http://www.drkimberlym.com/ Dork Therapy Episode 1: Robotech Eps. We'd love to hear your thoughts and welcome any and all shares of our podcast! Dr. Orna Guralnik deftly guides the couples through the minefield of honest confrontation with each other and with themselves. Resources discussed during the presentation:  ... Family Therapy Begins. Four families check into a treatment center run by Dr. Jenn Mann to work on problems with their loved ones. Sarah wants a baby, but Lauren isn't ready. This series is improvised and I didn't actually know this until after I'd watched the first few episodes. https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0td-yppj8qHNZ8NAtAh651Yyye4r7Io9Hm. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly describes a brief overview of different types of mental health professionals. Boris L. Henson Foundation: Providing a referral base and limited free therapy sessions: https://borislhensonfoundation.org/ During this third full installment of Tea and Therapy, Dr. Kimberly discusses the third root of her practice as a psychologist and mind body practitioner. Dr. Orna Guralnik wrestles with the responsibility she feels for her patients. The series aired on VH1 from 2012 to 2015. Orna has trouble remaining impartial. Listening to Tea and Therapy does not establish a working professional relationship with Dr. Kimberly, and listeners are encouraged to speak with their own health provider before making any changes to their current health and wellness plans. Danielle Gilmore is a speaker, facilitator, and wellness activist. Alan and Evelyn find a path forward. Join Dr. Kimberly as she gives brief thoughts on the benefits of social distancing. Anxiety, loneliness, depression… with a regular therapy you can deal with these issues, but Melvina’s Therapy is about something deeper: creepy secrets remaining in the darkest space of your mind, waiting for you… Couples Therapy is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (64 episodes). Join Dr. Kimberly for this brief segment as she kicks off 2021. Finale. February 2018: Meeting with the event planner Danielle is the founder of Activated Activists, an organization focused on equipping leaders with the tools they need to lead from a self-knowledgeable capacity. 38 minutes | Jan 13th 2020 Episode 1: Minisode 1 Play Like Play Next Mark Played WE'RE BAAAAAAACK! Laura Richer, founder of Anchor Light Therapy Collective in Seattle WA, has been featured on TV shows, radio talk shows, and podcasts. Tea and Therapy is an extension of Tea and Therapy workshops presented by Dr. Kimberly. Dr. Kimberly’s Tea and Therapy: Race as a social construct: How black do you like your tea? Hosted by. October 2019: Tea and Therapy Trademarked You may listen and attend for free, donations received this month will benefit the Poor people campaign in Indiana. #TeaAndTherapy, Tea and Therapy: Episode 1 Adlerian/Individual Psychology, Welcome to the first full episode of Tea and Therapy. I have remixed episode 1 to have better levels. Tea and therapy timeline: Welcome to the first full episode of Tea and Therapy. On Call Me Kat Season 1 Episode 4, “Therapy,” we finally get answers to our questions about Kat’s relationship with her mother Sheila.. Episode 1 - Is Anxiety a Learned Response? Dork Therapy Episode 1: Robotech Eps. All rights reserved. https://havenyogaindy.com/   - Online yoga classes  World-class therapist Dr. Orna Guralnik deftly guides the couples through the minefield of honest confrontation with each other and with themselves, revealing the real-life struggles and extraordinary breakthroughs typically hidden behind closed doors. tunefind Sarah wants to feel precious, and Lauren investigates her own defensiveness. https://wideopenschool.org/ In this episode, Dr. Kimberly provides a brief overview of Adlerian and Individual Psychology, while Joi pours the tea with her tea knowledge. Dr. Tea and Therapy: Social Justice/ Telling it like it is. Dr. Orna Guralnik deftly guides the couples through the minefield of honest confrontation with each other and with themselves. Watch the latest episode (Series 2, Episode 2) This offering is informed by her Masters in Organizational Leadership and development, and ten years of experience in community-focused wellness; she believes in holistic support for activists and change makers. Substance Art for the Soul Event Share your testimony by leaving a review of Tea and Therapy, or forwarding Tea and Therapy on your social media platform. Part two of Race as a social construct, the Tea and therapy on-line workshop will be July 25th, 2020. www.drkimberlym.com  Trained as an Adlerian Psychologist, Dr. Kimberly presents information that is designed to Teach, Empower, and Advocate while decreasing the stigma of mental health and increasing access to mental health information. Donations can be made through Paypal https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TeaAndTherapy, THIS EPISODE CONTAINS VOLUME FLUCTUATIONS. © 2021 Showtime Networks Inc. and Showtime Digital Inc. SHOWTIME is a registered trademark of Showtime Networks Inc., a ViacomCBS Company. In this episode Dr. Kimberly offers tidbits in making meaning of 2020 and moving forward to 2021. To make contributions/donations to Tea and Therapy: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TeaAndTherapy Dr. Orna Guralnik wrestles with an overwhelming sense of responsibility she feels for her patients. EPISODE 3: Integrating EMDR Therapy With Your Practice. https://www.instagram.com/gooffsis_/  Joi will be a regular feature on Tea and Therapy providing listeners with tea recommendations and wellness benefits of tea. Unable to make a monatery donation? Dr. Kimberly is joined by members of the Indianapolis/Indiana community as they discuss their experiences and provide insight and resources to help members obtain optimal mental and physical health during the COVID pandemic. Annie and Mau revisit a traumatic birthday. April 24th: Dr. April Krowel Ph.D. HSPP: Dementia This podcast brings forth a variety of discussions and hopefully the start of individual and community healing. Facebook. EPISODE 2 (PART 2): INTRODUCTION DEMONSTRATION. Also, today is the last day of September and last day for donation match to the Suicide hotline. Elaine discovers a connection between her childhood trauma and her marriage. As cultural tensions, political unrest and the global pandemic push couples to their breaking points, the limits of remote therapy are put to the test. This podcast is an extension of monthly Tea and Therapy workshops. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly welcomes four mothers, Cissy, LaShelle, Morgan, and Sarah to the podcast. Share this event with your friends. Ep 146 – Laura’s Favorite Things. EPISODE 1: GETTING STARTED. Orna feels pressure to do more. This series is true documentary filmmaking that presents the authentic and visceral experience of four couples' weekly therapy. Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists As a bonus, Dr. Kimberly adds a Buddhist teaching "Beginning Anew" to the end of the episode. Direct contact anformation can be found on Instagram under the name @machinist_therapy_hotline Orna feels frustrated by the lack of progress. At 9:00 am (TIME CORRECTED FROM THAT STATED IN PODCAST) Be sure to join in. If you have any questions, please visit my website at www.drkimberlym.com. https://www.theblackcoffeecompany.com/ Orna pushes Mau and struggles with her inability to break through. March 27th: Dr. Kimberly: Self and intersectionality Annie opens up about past sexual trauma and Mau loses his cool. To Donate to Tea and Therapy: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TeaAndTherapy, Sips of tea #3 Dr. Kimberly discusses Tea and Therapy, During this brief episode, Dr. Kimberly shares personal insights and history on Tea and therapy, and the future of Tea and Therapy endeavors. Annie states the brutal truth. Tea and Therapy: Clarifying Mental Health Terminology, Join Dr. Kimberly, Joi Defrantz, and Ashlyn Douthitt, LMFT for an informative round of Tea and Therapy. Episode 1: 101. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly and Joi have a casual conversation regarding their experiences over the past six months, projects they are working on, and their experiences with change, grief, and loss. New Directions in Healing Therapy (Episode #1) Megwyn White and Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru) talk about the evolvement beyond healing modality therapies to help people facilitate healing in their own body and their life. Elaine calls DeSean twenty times a day and he's fed up. Elaine calls DeSean twenty times a day and he's fed up. January 12, ... Zach updates us on his fantasy football success and bemoans 1-star reviews. Visit the anchor home page for monthly contributions. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly discusses the basics of Adlerian Psychology while Joi provides insights on the various types of teas. To Contact Hallie, please email [email protected] WhatsApp. During this episode, Joi shares her research related to tea history and traditions of Buddhist monks while Dr. Kimberly discusses her background with Buddhism and briefly discusses the Four Noble Truths, The Eight Fold Path and the three roots of suffering. DeSean is sick of failing to make Elaine happy. George Middleton is the CEO of George Middleton Consulting LLC. Alan reveals the impact of his father's infidelity. A lifestyle brand specializing in the edification of women to “Go Off” and take their dreams and aspirations to the next level. Episode 1 - An introduction to your hosts Shane Poole, Jody Tuckwell, Albert Raczynski and Tony Clouser. Dr. Kimberly continues parts of this discussion on Saturday, August 22 at 9 am during an on-line presentation of Tea and Therapy. Twitter. Publication date 2018-02-23. Far from reality-show caricatures, this is true documentary filmmaking that brings viewers into the authentic and visceral experience of weekly therapy with four couples. All Episodes. Welcome to the July Podcast for Tea and Therapy. Love Goals Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘The Problems Are The Problem’ March 15, 2020 Things get tense during a group therapy session when Benzino lock horns with Althea over their troubled relationship, and Theresa start to lose her patience with Dwayne’s insistence >> Annie and Mau revisit a traumatic birthday. Season 1 Ep 1 3/16/2016. If you would like to be part of future Tea and Therapy podcast episodes or workshops please fill out this form on Dr. Kimberly's webpage: https://www.drkimberlym.com/tea-and-therapy/ Episode 1, Episode 2 of Demon Therapy in WEBTOON. January 2018: Ideal presented to a cafe in Indiana Stars Nina Conti and Adam Meggido . VH1 will explore the difficult and complex ties that bind in the newest series VH1 Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn. Available Now: Sips of Tea: A Journal for self-reflection: http://teaandtherapy.info/SipsOfTea Sarah wants a baby, but Lauren isn't ready to be a mom because she just became a woman. Episode 1: Experiences With CAR T-Cell Therapy Kathleen Wiley, RN, MSN, AOCNS ® , oncology clinical specialist at ONS, sits down with Megan Harvey, MSN, RN, clinical nurse at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, to discuss Harvey's experience with CAR T-cell therapy. This month Dr. Kimberly is joined by members of the community in an open discussion on Race and Community. Therapy Unfiltered Therapy Unfiltered Therapy Unfiltered. 1 Interested. The series first aired on March 21, 2012. http://www.drkimberlym.com/ www.havenyogaindy.com Just a brief check-in and a reminder of their necessity to be imperfect and uncomfortable. Shop Tea and Therapy: www.teaandtherapy.net. https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-middleton-506a8145/  During this time, Dr. Kimberly will provide a brief PowerPoint related to race and psychology. This episode is designed to help you release tension, relax and become another tool in your self-care kit. Elaine calls DeSean twenty times a day and he's fed up. While Tea and Therapy is dedicated to decreasing the stigma of mental health and decreasing access to mental health care for communities, this episode was created as a result of tragic situations and subsequent protests that occurred throughout America and other countries in May 2020. 1-2 by Unlimited Reotch. Synopsis:Annie and Mau revisit a traumatic birthday. Three months into therapy, Evelyn and Alan make a painful decision about their marriage. https://anchor.fm/Tea-and-Therapy/support, Hello and welcome to the second trailer episode for Tea and Therapy. Kimberly Martin, Psy.D. Join Dr. Kimberly on Saturday, November 28th at 10 am as she continues the discussion and presentation on Social Justice and thoughts post-election https://bit.ly/359bIQr https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/committee/indiana/ YouTube comedy series improvising therapy sessions. During this presentation, Dr. Kimberly discusses the goals of children's behaviors, logical and natural consequences, and navigating during 2020. “Emotional and Sexual communication patterns  between African American Mother-Daughter Dyad” https://bit.ly/3hhRyb3  Evelyn and Alan make a painful decision. Tea and Therapy events are offered freely to the community. Laura is getting her health groove on. Join Dr. Kimberly as she provides suggestions for creating a sense of abnormal during times of upheaval, uncertainty, and transition. Welcome to the third trailer episode before the full launch in January 2020. 10 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2020. Orna feels the weight of her work, and marvels at how bizarre her profession is. Join us and please remember to subscribe, rate and … These two social scientists spend an hour discussing personal and professional thoughts related to Dr. King's speech, components of Adlerian theory, and the connection between social scientists and social justice. https://bit.ly/2F6U3Qu www. Watch Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn season 1 episode 1 Online Family Therapy Begins : Four families check into a treatment center run by Dr. Jenn … Joi offers her suggestion for a conversation tea while you listen in to Dr. Kimberly and Ashlyn Doutfitt, LMFT from Midwest Behavioral Health discuss their professions. indy.gov/topic/covid Watch them here. Dr. Kimberly’s guests for this podcast are Brandi Bennett, Danielle Gilmore, George Middleton, and Kendra Wilcox. Lauren and Sarah make a choice about their future. DeSean is fed up with Elaine. Elaine and DeSean argue about the impact of racism on their marriage. Join two social scientists as they discuss Martin Luther King's 1967 speech to the American Psychological Association. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly continues to discuss the foundations of her philosophy and work as a Clinical Psychologist. https://anchor.fm/Tea-and-Therapy, Tea and Therapy with special guests Chanelle Lawson, Ph.D. and Dr. Sharesa McCray, During this podcast episode, Dr. Kimberly welcomes Chanelle Lawson, Ph.D and Dr. Sharesa McCray as they discuss Mother-Daughter relationships and Domestic Violence Awareness month. March 2019: Tea and Therapy moves to online events Mau needs sex every day. Don't miss this deep, profound and addictive series. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly is joined by Hallie M. Williams Sr.  Hallie is a Master's level Clinical psychotherapist in St. Paul Minnesota. CALL ME KAT Season 1 Episode 4 Photos Therapy – s01e04 1×04 – When Sheila comes to stay with Kat to avoid being home alone, Sheila’s lack of boundaries lead them to try therapy. EPISODE 2 (Part 1): Introducing EMDR. Feel free to take a look tomorrow and see if the levels are appropriate.