I use both the 72H of adrena and zodias and i can't tell the difference at large. I'd rather buy something with better customer service and better warranty. Fully redesigned in a number of westernized lengths and tapers, the Shimano Expired A Casting Rods utilize signature Shimano technologies, like Hi-Power X and CI4 to deliver unmatched performance. I added some hockey stick tape to bulk up the grip and it works, but I wish Shimano didn't try to be cute or "JDM" with the small grip and the proprietary reel seat--Shimano should just use the Fuji reel seat that most everyone else uses and that most everyone likes. Loaded with flagship features, Exsence provides light tackle inshore and bass anglers with everything they need in a featherweight package. Comments:I bought the 6'6" Medium Fast (EX166MA) which turned out to actually be a Moderate-Fast action instead of Fast. The 7'6 glass is amazing for deep diving cranks. Clearly isn't reliable for the price. 5, Jared Lintner and Alex Davis on Guntersville Pt. What a nice rod, I own a slock of gloomis rods, along with Shimanos. I'm not going to comment on the performance yet because I haven't had a chance to fish with it, but the overall feel and look of the rod is awesome! Reel seat is very comfortable & the guides are top notch. Comments:One of the best rod in the market.I am using 7.2 Med Heavy glass, and I can't say enough about this amazing rod.Very sensitive and light. This Expride is by far the lightest rod I've ever held. I feel everything the only thing i dont like about these rods is that there isn't a hook keeper. In honesty you will most likely not be able to tell the difference between this as the adrena. While it isn't quite at the same level as the industry standard in the NRX it will certainly go head to head against a GLX and others of the same price point. Comments:I own round about 30 rods - most are modern - I picked up 2 zodias rods - their in my fav - very sensitive / light / accurate/ dependable.. I got three pike over 30 inches and 2, 3 pound bass. Lighter than, but just as strong as the original, the Shimano Expride A Casting Rods offer revamped actions and top-of-the-line features that will make them the star of your rod locker. Got the 72h and it is great. It is one of my favorite rods and shapes up nicely to $300 and $400+ rods that i have also. On to ergonomics, this thing just feels right. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Jared Lintner BASS Open Lake Kissimmee Recap, Jared Lintner and Alex Davis on Guntersville Pt. The 6'10 medium spinning is the best tube rod I've ever owned. Most Spincasting rods are made of graphite and fiberglass. Shimano will reach its centennial in March of 2021.Shimano dedicated 100 years to pursue people's happiness in finding harmony close to nature and creating new values through the field of bicycle components, fishing tackles, and rowing equipment. Comments: Great rods, I have both the Spin and casting versions. Shimano, Inc. (株式会社シマノ, Kabushiki-gaisha Shimano) is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment. They feel light, sensitive, yet strangely powerful. 2, Jared Lintner & Alex Davis on Clear Lake Pt. Spinning rods are the rods designed to be used with spinning reels which, when mounted on the rod, will be held underneath the rod in the angler’s hand. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. Comments: First off, for the price, this rod over-preforms its price class. They are absolutely my favorite rods to fish with especially the 7'2 MH glass rod. Light/Sensitive/BalancedIf you have smaller hands this rod is for you, the handle has a JDM feel and I can easily cup my reel with this rod.Also if you are a Kayak fisher because the handle is a bit shorter than most models this is perfect. My only complaint is the EVA grip has started to come off, but it's dseasily fixable with some Winn tape. it has a great parabolic action that keeps the fish pinned. But the handle and reel seat are very comfortable. The only slight downside is that there's no hook keeper. It's lighter, more sensitive, and better balanced than all my St. Croix's, Duckett's, Dobyns', and Loomis'; however, I don't own an NRX, so I can't compare the two. Advanced Hi-Power X constructed blanks deliver excellent sensitivity and also resist blank twist for improved power and strength. I see their going out of stock again .. not surprised. Well done Shimano! The rod probably caught about 50 keepers this summer so I don't understand why it broke on this average fish. Comments:I like this rod. Comments:Just purchased one of the new Shimano Zodias rods at the Bassmaster Classic, 7'2" MH. Just get a Fuji EZ Keeper and you're in business.From:Curt: MA 5/25/20, Comments:My second expride - picked up the 7 M glass .. for square bills - medium diving cranks - just perfection.. you can't beat these rods @ their price point . My buddy is a Shimano Rep and he has a couple Conquests, and these are just as good. This is an incredibly sensitive rodFrom: Johnathan T: Pennsylvania 6/15/20, Comments:I just got the 7'2" ML+ Expride a couple weeks ago. this rod is trash it broke on the first hook set out of the box. Both outstanding, but the glass rod might be the perfect wiggle wart rod. It's almost violently sensitive, if that makes sense. One of the most impressive capabilities of this rod is its ability to allow you to feel slack line bites when you have a bait on the bottom. They really hit it out of the park with these rods.From: Jay: Ontario 11/14/19, Comments:Snapped mine on a pound and a half boat flipping it. Featuring advanced, new Hi-Power X blanks, Shimano's proprietary Hi-Power X construction process utilizes hoop and axial materials wrapped with carbon tape woven in a 45-degree X-pattern. These rods will not disappoint, strong light crisp and very well made. Rod feels and fishes like a $400 rod .. no such thing as a displeased expride angler .. hurry and buy yours before they go out of stock again - pound for pound one of the best rods made at a more then fair price. I have 5 of the Shimano Expride A models. The bottom line is that you CANNOT find a better rod in this price rage or lower. . The absolutely only thing I dislike is the no hook keeper but thats not aproblemat all. Another absolute winner from Shimano. So much so that pulling a jig through grass on a silty bottom Lake you cannot only feel each piece of grass, you can also hear audibly the tick on the rod as you bump each piece. I had to buy an after market hook-keeper and slap it on. It took some time to get use to. Baitcasting rods (and reels) are designed to give the angler precision casts over longer distances, with enough backbone to battle larger fish.The reel sits above the rod, allowing you to control the outgoing line with your thumb or a forefinger trigger.. ... Material used. They are absolutely my favorite rods to fish with especially the 7'2 MH glass rod. !The rod feel very well balanced an sensetive!! Tackle Warehouse can no longer accept Shimano warranty rods. I do see some comments stating it's not on the NRX's level, but I just can't imagine how a rod can be better than this. Very light, sensitive and precise, strong as heck. ?From:Jaime: Unknown 6/15/19. Have always used Dobyns rods with Shimano reels but this rod has converted me to Shimano all the way. Super versatile rod. It's super light (and I have a NRX, they are pretty close to weight). It is equipped with a fore grip and rear grip handles for higher comfort and countless hours of fatigue-free fishing adventures. Senkos, Flukes, cranks in the 1.0 range, poppers, etc. All G. Loomis fishing rods, reels in stock. Comments:I have the 6'10 Medium Light/Fast casting rod paired with the Aldebaran HG and absolutely love it! I just listed some of my non-essential rods for sale and I'll be using the $$ to purchase a few more. I have two 7'2" H/F, two 7'2" MH/F and one 7'2" MH/F glass rod. La Tiagra Ultra A stand-up in edizione limitata è la serie top per quanto riguarda le canne stand-up di Shimano, ed è stata progettata e costruita senza compromessi. I fished it for 3 weeks now and caught at least 100 bass with it, found a big school feeding on shad and they were smashing the jackhammer. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. The action feels very nice and crisp. It doesn't flex like a broomstick when you set the hook. Comments:I bought 7'2 MH casting, 6'10 ML casting, 7'M spinning & a 7'ML spinning. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Jared Lintner's 2018 BASS Opens Championship Recap, Jared Lintner Inshore Fishing in SoCal Pt. I won't get to fish with it until next year so this review is just about my initial impressions.The rod is very well built. Man I love this rod. I love everything about it but the grip, which is too small for my liking. Comments: I have the 7, 5 X- H. I use this for bullseye snakehead fishing and it is a beast! This year shimano mid tier rod takes the win. Comments: I have the 7'6" glass deep cranking rod and the medium 7'2" casting love both rods. Blank and guides are perfectly clean and straight. It is very light for this length - 4.3 oz on postal scale. Fully redesigned, the Shimano Expride A Casting Rods have been overhauled to meet the domestic demand with more Americanized lengths and tapers.Ten-percent lighter than the original, the Shimano Expride A Casting Rods are built using the same airy CI4 material as Shimano’s reels, reducing the overall weight while increasing sensitivity. i.e. Built with an increased emphasis on value, the Shimano Clarus Casting Rods feature premium 30-ton graphite blank and Fuji components throughout for next-level performance. They are light enough and sensitive enough that I use them for bay fishing as well.From: Bill: Conroe TX 12/4/20Comments:Well since everyone hogged the Adrena poison, this little brother have similar feel to the adrena.