I have been working as photographer for many years around the world. I was born in Rome, but I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, where I work as freelance for European and Brazilian media, both as journalist and photographer. In these last years I have started working also as video maker for some European TV channels.

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Talavera Bruce female penitentiary in Rio de Janeiro

The detente Amanda da Silva Steves, 21 years old, reads the Bibble in her jail in the Talavera Bruce prison in Bangù, about 50 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Amanda stays in the prison alone since when her partner Daniela Teixeira da Silva, 20 years old, has left the prison. They met each other for the first time in the prison. Amanda has never had a lesbian relationship. They met at the nursery side present in the Talavera Bruce penitentiary because both of them were pregnant before being imprisoned. Daniela since when has left the prison few months ago did not visits Amanda. The have changes some letters, but nothing else.
The Amanda and Daniela’s is a typical story of a Brazilian female penitentiary. The index of lesbianism in the Brazilian prison reaches the 75% of prisoners. The women prisoners are often abandoned from their families and do not receive any visit on Sunday: that’s the main reason of lesbian relationship. Many of them have their husbands imprisoned as well or they are wanted men. 93% of ex female détentes back to crime once left the penitentiary. 52% of the women are involved in narco-traffic smuggling, the rest of them in robbery and kidnapping. Mostly of the women are poor, illiterate and involve in crime because they are not any chance to get a normal job in the society. Mostly of them are 25 - 30 years old. They live alone and often with sons. The Brazilian women have started a new role in the modern society, but this means a stronger presence in the crime too. “The women penitentiary – says Marcos Pinheiro da Silva, the Director of Tlavaera Bruce prison – are much more complicated to direct. Women accept less than men the condition of detention”.

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DATE: May 31, 2014